Custom Hand-painted House Illustration

$ 375.00

Hand-painted original watercolor painting is created. Due to the loss and damage of shipments, the art is scanned then printed and shipped to you.
Your house pic you took illustrated in my personal one-of-a-kind art style
Painting is hand-painted one time, no changes
There is currently a "wait list" allow 3-4 month for the creation process
8 x 10", 11 x 14", or 12 x 16" print is mailed to you, additional prints are available request a quote.
Includes one house with landscape painting, no people, no cars and no pets
Includes 2 hours of time, if more time is required a new quote will be given and must be paid before art is shipped to you
Description and all details must be supplied in full to artist before art is painted
If you want to see one sketch before I paint, add $125 for time. Let me know before ordering. Each additional sketch is $125.
You will find samples of houses I have painted in watercolor for real clients
• Coupons and discounts do not apply to custom hand-painted artwork

All work & images by Michelle Mospens © 2023

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